by Captives

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Steve- Drums/Vocals
Anthony- Guitar/Vocals
Jeff- Guitar/Vocals
Paul- Vocals/Bass


released May 31, 2008

All songs written by Captives and Kevin Carafa.
Art by Michael DeCicco.

Tracked @ Klarity Studios with Matt Whritenour.
Mixed by Kevin Carafa and Captives @ Backroom Studios.
Mastered by Kevin Carafa.
Gang Vocals: Paul, Kevin, John, Tyler, Tito, and Tohm.
Jon Tumillo appears on track 10 courtesy of himself.

This all came out for free via digital download in 2008 via DC based label, Eternal Hope Records, before bandcamp.



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Captives West Milford, New Jersey

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Track Name: Bottom Feeders
so here we are to wave goodbye
this marks the end of the best days of our lives
what have we learned from all of this?
we smiled for the picture but do we still connect?
the search is on, send out the dogs
we're looking for the virtue to speak for ourselves
this is our chance to live our words
to take our lives back and start again

and nobody ever said
you have to feed off the bottom
to reach the top
and feeding off the bottom
never got you anywhere
maybe we'll never reach the top
but we'll enjoy the view from here

some people left and came
but the songs still remain
and of course we all changed
but the songs remain the same

I'm doing the best I can
but it's never quite good enough
could it be I'm trying too hard
or not trying hard enough

sticking to your roots
doesn't mean you cannot grow
and we'd like to believe that
our best days have yet to come

but we'll never forget
no we'll never ever forget

the years that passed us by too fast
the months that came and then soon passed
the days where we explored our fears
when everything it seemed so clear
we lived our own realities
with no responsibility
we pulled every wrench out from the gears
but now our strains and tribulations they won't disappear
and we're desperate for…
Track Name: In Due Time
carbon copy artificial
we've had enough so superficial
get your number wait in line
it's just a matter of time
your integrity traded for what?
something that won't ever last
you once had self respect
now you're no different than the rest

well I'm not a drone and I'm not a clone
I guess that means that I'm in this alone
to fend for myself when everyone else
makes this feel like I'm so far from home
and I just don't' know where we lost control
that doesn't mean that I will fold
I'll stick to my guns and I'll never run
I won't accept what's done is done

it's time to reevaluate ourselves
are we happy with where we're at right now?
Track Name: Roll Credits
we always said, friends 'til the end
well I guess this is the end....

so plug your ears and drown this out
it's not really there
or choose to ignore 'cuz I'm sure
you don't want to hear
or maybe you really have heard it all before
so please accept this apology...I'm sorry
Track Name: The Escapee
...a culprit, a prisoner
how did I end up here again
...a hypocrite
when I tried so hard to rise above
...a failure
I guess I'll never get it right
...a human being
no matter how hard I try

my hands are tied
behind my back
I'm about to kiss the floor
your foot digs in
into my spine
and my cries you ignore

the hardest thing to do is admit that you are wrong
at a standstill and its been far to long
but we're only human we can only be so strong
and for that we're all guilty

no one is perfect

only the guilty run so lets run for our lives
Track Name: Red, Black and Blue
I've let myself and everyone else down
so why don't you drag me to the center of town
hand out a stone to each and everyone
to throw at me as hard as they can

and if they miss, grant them the chance
I never had, to try again
and if they miss, grant them the chance
I threw away, to try again

when the crowd clears and I emerge
no one will recognize me: no friends no family
I won't recognize myself
through a mask of red: red, black and blue

bruises may heal
but scars linger on
the worst is yet to come
mistakes don't come undone

so sick of hiding from myself with my head held low
so put me to the stand and I swear (I'll swear) under oath
and find me guilty 'cuz I know you will
and stone me publicly for the choices that I made

they put me to the stand and I swore under oath
I raised my right hand and I swore under oath

that I'd cut off both hands before I reach for you again
and I'll sever all our ties 'til my bitter fucking end

I'll cut off my hands before I reach for you again
I'll cut off my hands
Track Name: Now Serving
the feeding troughs are in…

this is where the games begin
when it's all over who will win?
who will outlast and who will quit?
will I live to see the end of it?

fend for yourself get pushed aside
it's dog eat dog, eye for an eye
get put in place, single file line
in just a matter, a matter of time

at the risk of sounding cliche
I've come to realize that we're all the same
automatons droning through the days
one by one until we're out of this place
Track Name: A Problem Situation
we're all living underground
in a den with its mouth open to the world
we've been here since we were born
with our legs and necks chained
held in restraint

a small taste of the truth is all we need to want it more
even if we don't like what we find and it scares us half to death
behind the shadows of ourselves and through the shadows of all we know
there's a flame that draws us into the unknown

what if we make it out alive?
are we ready for this life that lies ahead?
or will we retreat back to the den? all that we know
and come to realize...

we're already dead
Track Name: Something Has Changed
you're not living;
you barely exist

how many times will I fall flat on my face
before I can't even get up and my whole life is a waste?
one can only take so many hits to the gut
before they run out of breath and are forced to give up
I've said this before and I'm sure I'll say it again
you sit there, don't listen and you nod your head
I know you do not hear me and you just pretend
you take me for granted, but I'm still your friend

and it'll never be good enough for you

was I your crutch through all those times?
or did you walk all over me?
I'm begging you to prove me wrong
I've been weighed down for so long
was I your crutch through all those times?
or did you stomp all over me?
I'm begging you to prove me wrong
please lets make this the last song

Track Name: Let Us Prey
I don't trust anybody
I hardly even trust myself
and I'm through giving people
the benefit of the doubt
but I have my doubts that I will reap the benefits

heart to heart: a man needs a heart to exist
man to man: you have no heart so you're no man
heart to heart: you still have to read between the lines
man to man: even in books left wide open
(even in these books left wide open)

'cuz everyone has something to hide
and everyone has something to say
behind your back when you're not around
and when it comes time to speak your mind
they try to use your own words as weapons against you
with misuse and misinterpretation

I don't know anybody
when I thought I knew myself
I've become a stranger
just like everyone else

I never believed in karma, but maybe I do...
deserve the worst.

is there any good left in mankind
or did it die with chivalry?
there is no good left in mankind
it all died (its all dead) with chivalry
Track Name: Struggle
Something tells me
I should test these waters
before I dive right in
but it's too late now; I'm sinking now
I am drowning
I used to think that I could swim
but now my head's underwater
I reach out my hand; I'm gasping for air
and all light dims

my friends are all around me
but they don't seem to see
so I grab the one closest to me

together we struggle
struggle for breath
together we struggle
to stay alive
together we struggle
struggle for time
together we struggle
struggle for life

we drift away
and time runs out
we use our last breath
lose our embrace; begin to fall
in separate ways
we both sink towards the ocean floor
we just couldn't hang on no more
we took for granted all we had now
we have nothing

this is my new home.
along side my dead friend on
the sandy floor of the salty sea
my bones will become homes
for fish to reside
I'll fit in just fine
Track Name: Some Things Better...
we try so hard until the day we die
to find some meaning in our lives
Track Name: Left Unknown
nobody's gonna save me now
head under water reaching out
for a hand that is not there
I drift further and further as I sink

you fade away
losing all faith, I pray
to a god I don't even believe
everyone and everything else let me down
I'm on my fucking knees
I'm begging you please

can you help me to find a purpose;
some meaning in this life?
there's gotta be something more
something I'm leaving out;
something I don't know much about

we only get one chance

some people claim they've found the answers to questions not asked
our time's too short to worry about life after death
it's hard enough to find my place on this earth
it's hard enough when I question my worth every single day

no one hears our cries so no one replies
look to the sky for hope but can't find answers

wasting our time; wasting our lives
we get caught in the shuffle so we don't get left behind
wasting our time; wasting our lives
struggling for truth in this world that is so blind
wasting our time; wasting our lives
in a place with no problem leaving us to die
wasting our time; wasting our lives
living day to day as we try to find ourselves

I'm in this on my own...

I never claimed to know it all
some things better left unknown
can't look to you to find myself
can't look to you or anyone else

no one hears my cries, so no one replies
as I look to the sky for hope
we try, we try, we try so hard to find
I can't find answers I'm on my own
but so are those surrounding me
we try, we try, we try so hard to find
and in that sense I'm not alone
the truth is that no one knows
we strive, we strive, to find meaning in our lives
try to make the best of our time here
it's so hard when nothing's clear
we try, we strive, until the day we die

we're running out of time
to find some meaning in our lives
we try so hard until we die
and we're running out of time